Somaliland: Buhodle Governor Resigns after 49 Days in Office


The Resigning Governor Harrir-Gadweine  By: Yusuf M Hasan

BUHODLE (Somalilandsun) – Governor Harir Gadweine has accused Buhodle residents of lack of political direction,

The recently appointed Buhodle regional governor Mr. Harir Ahmed ‘Gadweine’ has resigned his office less than two months after establishing his administration.

Governor Harir Gadweine attributed his resignation to difficulties in taming his tribesmen as well as a personal desire for meditation and worship, dual functions that he vowed to pursue for the remainder of his life.

In a press conference held at Buhodle town, Governor Harir Gadweine said that his duties were untenable due to warlike activities of his tribesmen whom he accused of harbouring continuous and baseless grievances against all authority.

“Huge differences exist between my allegiances and a number of influential figures who hold sway in the region”

Governor Harir revealed that there is a very big gap in the relationship between the government he works for and the local residents he serves, a discrepancy that he faulted on his tribesmen for their never-ending warlike activities directed against all and sundry.

While accusing some influential persons in the area for continued rejection of all authority, Governor Harir wondered how these schemers would ever attain their never-ending quest to conquer Puntland, Ethiopia and Somaliland.

The outgoing governor further blamed the few disgruntled tycoons for deteriorating livelihoods of area residents who remain devoid of important public services due to the never-ending warlike activities directed at the services providers.

Governor Harir Ahmed ‘Gadweine’ assumed office last month after the Buhodle peace accords between President Silanyo and the commander of the Sool, Saanag & Cayn (Ain) –SSC militias Suleiman Hagaltosie

Buhodle was the scene of armed skirmishes between the national army and tribal militias prior to the implementation of the peace accord that facilitates for dialogue between the authorities in Hargeisa and residents.

Both the ministry of interior or Buhodle peacemaker Suleiman Hagaltosie and area elders have made no official comment pertaining to the resignation of Governor Harir