Somaliland: Borama to Streamline Land Adjudication Management


Saleban H.Haddi

By M.A. Egge

BORAMA: (Somalilandsun):-The Borama Mayor Cllr. Suleiman Hassan Haddi has pledged that his administration would overhaul the town’s land adjudication management to completely streamline its services.

He disclosed that the overall performance of the council is presently rendered inept due to wrangles concerning land case in Borama.

In a late night press conference at his residence Cllr. Haddi said that the quagmire in land adjudication is so much inter-twined with its cases multiplying hence paralyzing the general services expected of the municipality.

He announced that it has become imperative that the department’s modus operandi be overhauled and streamlined such that the problem afflicting it is addressed for good.

Cllr. Haddi said that they came to the decision after a fact finding investigation delving into the issues palpitated the heart of the malaise.

He added that future administrations would thereby be not hindered anymore to serve the residents if the streamlining is finalized.

A 60 day ultimatum was issued to all residents who issued to all residents who either did not have valid title deeds or have just newly purchased properties in the municipality.

He at the same time announced a 60% reprieve in taxation for those who would beat the deadline.

The mayor revealed that the GPRS residential indexing statisticisation would commence hence all houses plots would thus be numbered.

He lastly urged the residents to make use of the opportunity and register their titles.

The Mayor’s unprecedented late night announcement on the eve of the Milad un’ Nabi celebration can be assumed to be an anti-dote to the conflicts that made its way into public media recently pitting the mayor, his deputy and the town’s chief executive officer against each other.

The deputy has the land docket under his belt.