Somaliland: On Verge of Collapsing, UCID is Bedeviled by Resignations


UCID logo

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA-(Somalilandsun): The opposition UCID political party has in the past recent months been bedeviled by lots of resignations of kingpin party hawks, most of them being senior officials holding posts. At this rate at which the party is disintegrating, it is most probably that it would go the Udub way long before the general elections for it is in the verge of collapsing.

Most, if not all, of those resigning have based their decisions on unbecoming or loose public talks by none other their own chairman Faisal Ali-warabe.

Problems first vividly came ashore when there appeared to be two leadership thrones running the party in parallel lines.

When the party’s official president aspirant’s faction tried to show their muscles by having an official dismissed, the other group backed the chairman declaring that he was still the chief executive of the party.

The respite for Feysal was short-lived since stalwarts started ditching the party gradually one by one.

The floodgates started opening when the secretary general of the party resigned in a background scenario that had mass replacements of regional or foreign representatives.

He was hotly on the heels followed by the party’s second vice chairman, the strong foreign relations secretary, the party head in Gebiley, Sanaag officials, again once more another Gebiley officials’ resignations en-masse etc.

The latest is now the chief party spokesman have now quit together with Marodi-jeh deputy chairman.

Jamal Ali and Feisal Ali

One main intersecting factor is the reason that Feisal is a loose talker whose blabbers did more harm to the party than good.

Another accusation is a dictatorial tendency by the chairman whose words are law in the party that is never to be question.

The spokesman however gave intonations to the effect that the presidential aspirant himself, Jamal, has taken to Feisal’s ways hence was spelling doom to UDCID’s future; in other words he was hinting that he had no hopes and was maybe finished with the party as a whole all together.

Whatever the case, what stands out is that regardless of reasons given, the resignations themselves take to tribal undertones especially when the make-up of the belligerent groups or their reasons of their actions are sampled; however the timing may shade light and/or be a pointer of a different issue and story altogether.