Somaliland: Borama Henley Friendship Committee


Somalilandsun – THE association is arranging an exhibition called Borama Comes to Henley at the Old Fire Station Gallery from June 5 to 10.This is a follow-up to last year’s visit by Somaliland’s second lady and to show the people of Henley how Borama lives and to display some artefacts.

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We seek to stimulate interest and to attract new members for the association.

Meanwhile, there has been a gratifying breakthrough in getting aid to 40 veterans (75 per cent with 1939/45 war service) who live in and around Borama. They all require eye surgery for cataracts.

Henley has had a friendship link with Borama since 1982. Communication has been somewhat sporadic at times but recently the new Mayor of Borama appointed Hassan Ahmed Ainan, a councillor, to be responsible for the welfare of the veterans, all of whom had served with the Somaliland Scouts Regiment.

Over the last three months he has identified 40 men and had them examined by the eye department of Borama Hospital.

On the basis of this documentation, funding for their cataract operations at the specialist eye hospital in Hargeisa, including post-operational treatment and transport to and from hospital, has been secured through the good offices of the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League and Blind Veterans UK.

The first six priority cases have been identified and the money for these has been released to Cllr Hassan. More funds will be made available for the next batch of six, subject to the successful outcome of the first and adequate receipts from the hospital.

Boraman interest in the welfare of veterans began in 1985 when the Somaliland Scouts’ Association was being formed, initially with a branch in Hargeisa and subsequently one in Burao.

In Borama, the Borama Henley Friendship Committee took such an interest that it was decided to leave matters in their hands instead of setting up another branch of the scouts’ association.

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