Somaliland: Bihi Poised To Lead Out Of Isolation


As he Bihi (Pictired) Malignantly or Benignantly Attacked The President.

FM Bihi

Somalilandsun – Mohamed Bihi Yonis was nominated based on his bunch of credential papers—if papers are tantamount to leadership— for the most difficult job: Foreign Minister of unrecognized country in the hope of quicker recognition or at the least better handle of diplomacy,

but around a year or so later, he still empty-handed with two or three promotional articles like cosmetic product, in contrast, the hope for Somaliland as a state dashed as a result of his miscalculated moves alienating allies. to the surprise of Somalilanders, Bihi has been acting in the role of a Minister for Foreign Affairs in a play written and co-acted by Silanyo, he admitted that in his very recent interview with BBC World Update program which he startlingly answered “he(the president) is running the show….” hinting someone else has say in all major decisions, but are we in live campy Hollywood style show of a soap opera of two decades now or in real blood fight for a just cause our beloved people died for it, the question : “the president is not well, what is your plan for the transition? BBC news presenter asked him, Bihi deliberately diverted the response and took out of its context and casted a doubt over the president’s mental capacity whom Silanyo’s amateur spin doctor Ukuse always insists that the president “as fit as fiddle” by saying with brazen face that the president is “fit” which somewhat suggested that president’s illness, commonly agreed by all except few yes-men who praise him of being ” as fit as fiddle and immortal occasionally”, related to psychological disorder in contrary to previous belief of physically sick.! In spite of all these insane utterances, the anchor ended the interview with “declaration of loyalty by Mohamed Yonis for the president of Somaliland”.

Let’s see if he is truly loyal to the President, based on reality checks in his past and the present

If he is loyal as much as others, He could chose dozens of other positive terms other than ” fit” but did so to tarnish the country’s image as a ” rudderless” boat packed by Buroa’ s illegal travelers to Med Sea.

Though the president’ medial file may lies in front of BBC anchor, Somalilanders don’t consider their president incapacitated by age or health problem. But to become Kulmiye hopeful in 2015 elections, if he allows holding it, everyone except chauvinist ethnic supporters, realizes the president’s estimated age of 85 years makes his ambition rather impossible. However; Bihi is waging campaign against his president. Only Garadag Ministers used to dare such open war against their president, for example, Gar-adag ministers of President Riyale with notable exception of Abdilahi Duale massively resigned to defeat their boss in critical election day. Is Bihi playing their detrimental deception game? He can.

Mr. Bihi whom his innocent fans portrayed him of Somaliland’s ” diplomatic savior” at the his nomination begun to insult the president from most popular radio Somalis regularly listen, BBC World Service, by uttering ” he is fit.. and running the show…,” inappropriate and defamatory statements unexpected from a minister under Silanyo’s payroll, but political commentators who closely following newly announced candidacy of Muse Bihi of Kulmiye chairperson construed this slander as a political conspiracy to constitutionally disqualify the sitting president never mind running for next term in order to give Muse of Kulmiye, his cousin an indirect support.

Mohamed Bihi is notorious for nepotism and giving clannish support to his tribe candidates over others regardless of; when President Silanyo vied for renewal of Kulmiye’s chairmanship, Ahmed Hussien Isse, political novice and never-seen Buroa, financially pushed by Mr. Bihi thrown to Silanyo;s lap to compete with him of the party’s chairmanship fully equipped with Bihi’s UN siphoned money to displace Silanyo through massive bribery of the Central Committee. The game of Silanyo versus all was excluding Muj. Dhagawayne played in Ambassador Hotel. But Silanyo won.

Despite being snobbish, Mr. Bihi refused to reach out international advocates of Somaliland in the global arena. Dr Pharma’s or Matt Braydon’s or Daud Iqbal’s advocacy campaign in the Western press has disappeared. Former Foreign Minister Abdilahi Duale’s great legacy was reversed to zero. Watch local TVs, you see people in Abud Waq, medieval village of Stone Age recognized Somaliland! Mohamed Ma’rouf of Shefield City Councilor of Kashmari refugee background extended recognition. Probably Kabul will recognize us if Mullah Omer is given some bucks to keep the Jihad going. UK MPs lobbying for Somaliland was replaced by City Councilors of Sheffield or Bristol or others in the pipeline, regional allies were replaced with Hawiya’s elders whose hands are lubricated by the world to put their house in order. Somaliland Times was replaced with tabloid Somaliland Today, new Gypsy trick perhaps that may lead to recognition or imprudence.

Haglotosiye and his Garad were given millions of dollars to change their dogmatic mind of Dervish supremacy over Habushu ethnicity and fall in love with Silanyo-led Somaliland and leave the secession camp if his attempt of next elections fails! So far Ali Khalif is a man of integrity neither bullets nor bucks convinced him. He deserves to be negotiated with over tangible terms not monies.

Bihi ex-do-gooder out of touch with rules of the game might unwittingly uttered these waves of insults on his boss. But the president and the First Family, highly educated, are said to reconsider their decision as a minister.

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye