Somaliland: Diaspora Agency Lauds Somaliland Societies Abroad for Staging 23rd Anniversaries


By: Osman A.M.

Somalilandsun – Somaliland Diaspora Agency has applauded foreign community associations spread all over the world in organizing and staging events marking 18th May celebrations in commemorating 23rd anniversary since unilaterally returning with its independence & establishing self autonomy in anticipation of attaining statehood status recognized by the International Community.

The Diaspora agency subordinated to Foreign Affairs Ministry was extremely impressed with the collective vigor and patriotism shown by Association of Somaliland Communities in marketing the sovereignty of their beloved nation in tandem with similar valor & quest held by fellow countrymen locally.

Associations of Somaliland Diaspora communities have placed national interest beyond limits that is hardly exhibited by nationalism leaders of past epochs considering the manner in which they commemorated this year’s 18th May celebrations-a historic day that fatally sealed our merger with Somalia permanently.

These vote of thanks posts were contained in a press dispatch send to media outlets appended with signatures of Director of Diaspora Relations Hassan Ahmed Yusuf.

“Diaspora Communities of Somaliland aborigines held 18th May celebrations in major cities of England, USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Djibouti, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, Turkey, Kenya, Uganda, China, Malaysia, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, India and other nations with sizeable populations of Somaliland nationalities”, wrote Hassan Ahmed Yusuf.

In light of the role played by Somaliland Diaspora fraternities in the aforementioned countries, Hargeisa based agency in-charge of its citizens in foreign countries commended these societies plus students bodies of a well done job that shall always be written in the positive side of history of this nation.