Somaliland: Bi-lateral Relations with UAE Goes a Notch Higher


By: Yusuf M Hasan

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – The president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is back in the country after a five days sojourn to the UAE.

Upon official invitation the head of state who led a broad based delegation to the UAE met and held discussions with a number of senior ranking officials from the Emirati host government.

While Briefing the press at the Berbera international VIP lounge, president Silanyo thanked the UAE government for a warm welcome accorded his delegation adding that subsequent discussions had ended on a fruitful note.

“Talks with the UAE authorities revolved around enhanced cooperation especially as pertains to developmental support to various sectors like health, education, skills training, job creation, economy and more importantly the construction of the Erigavo-Burao road” Said the president

Among UAE officials that met and held talks with the president Silanyo led entourage include the minister of the presidency Hon Sheikh Mansur Bin Saeed Amir of Abu Dhabi who also doubles as the UAE defence minister Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and mayors of various Emirati cities among others.

According to the minister of foreign affairs Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar the presidential visit ended successfully after the UAE government acceded to the various the delegation presented during discussions.

While informing that the UAE people and government continue to play an important role not only in the country’s but Horn region’s development Dr Omar said the visit by president Silanyo has seen to it that bi-lateral relations are raised a notch higher.

The foreign minister informed

The president who met by a multitude of citizens at the Berbera international airport was accompanied by the first lady Ms Amina Mohamed Jirdeh “Amina Weris”, government officials, legislators and political leaders, is expected in Hargeisa tomorrow as he is spending at the Sahil regional state lodge in Berbera.

Though he was among those who returned with the president, leader of the opposition party UCID Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe linked-up with the delegation in Dubai from Europe.

Others in the entourage include Minister of foreign Affairs Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar, Minister of finance Mr Abdiaziz Mohamed Samale, Minister at the Presidency Mr Hirsi Ali Haji Hasan, Agriculture minister Prof Farah Elmi Gedole, Deputy Health minister Lady Nimo Hussein Qawdan, Deputy Information minister Mr Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir ‘Ukuse’, Deputy Speaker of parliament MP Bashe Mohamed Farah, Chairman of the Kulmiye party Mr Muse Bihi and Presidential spokesperson Mr Ahmed Suleiman Duhul respectively