Somaliland: Balligubadle Road Maintenance


By: A.A. J.

Balligubadle: (Somalilandsun) – The communities in Somaliland are doing many efforts for the developments projects in the country especially the projects of road maintenance in the country.

The chairman of the development projects of Hawd region Mr. Ibrahim Olad Jama told the media the people of Balligubadle town are getting prepared for the road maintenance between Balligubadle and Hargeisa. He also said the people are ready to do fundraising for the road. Mr. Ibrahim who is the chairman of the development project of Hawd region said “we have handed over 300 goats and will hand over the goats the organizing committee of the road” and he appealed for Somaliland people to take part for the fundraising of the road.

For the last three years Somaliland people have done much development in the country especially road maintenance in the regions. The government has also played a good role for the development of the country. This came after H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo announced Somaliland people has to make fund raising for the road maintenance in the country.