Somaliland: Authorities Establish Governance and Services in Sool Region


As regional capital sees unprecedented Levels of Security and Development under Somaliland administration-Video
By: Yusuf M Hasan
LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – Residents of Sool Region and more specifically those of the regional capital Las Anod are enjoying the fruits of peace big time.

According to residents of Las Anod shopping and conduct of other business during night hours something impossible just two years ago is now the norm due to the grip on security by the Sool regional authorities and Somaliland central Government.
Though the new found security comes with its multitude of on the search for livelihoods mishaps like the 50 injuries occasioned by a fire life is better for all since the government embarked on availing public services to area residents.
Briefing on the enhanced security in the Region and Las Anod city, the regional police commander Lieutenant Colonel Abdirahman Nuur says that the law enforcers have banned the carrying of any type of weapons in the town and these found armed have their weapons confisticated.

“So far we have confisticated a lot of weapons mostly knives from residents” informed Lt Colonel Nuur while adding that police took the step following consultations with regional authorities
“Within the last two months alone a number of people lost their lives or received grievous bodily harm through knifing incidents in the town’ added the Lt Colonel as he revealed that the bearing of arms in Las Anod is going to be criminalized soon thence arraignment in court for anyone found in possession of any type of weapons.

Meanwhile resident of Las Anod have started enjoying the fruits of Public services like Security, Education, and Health etc provided by the government of Somaliland after a lengthily period in the wilderness occasioned by dissent of residents with the central authorities.

Watch Las Anod Undergoing The Greatest Level Of Development under Somaliland