Somaliland: AMISOM Intends to Stay in Mogadishu Forever


Osman A.M

HARGEISA(Somalilandsun) – African Union mission troops in Somalia do not intend to defeat Al-Shabab despite slightly overpowering them & clearing of the city’s environs.

This is according to a disclosure made by a soldier affiliated to the African Union troops who are reinforcing the fragile & unstable administration of Somalia. The officer, whose identity has not been reveled because he is not authorized to brief the media, told a Mogadishu based radio channel that AMISOM does not intend to effectively defeat Al-Shabab militia to pave way for a functioning and secure administrative institutions of governance. The officer further asserted that the mission prefers staying in Somalia as their economic interest is guaranteed through better remuneration totaling to $1000 monthly in addition to allowances plus a multiple benefits adding that every one of them would prefer their continuous stay in the country to gain economic advantage of the situation.

After the information was aired immediately a rebuttal in the strongest words come from the mission spokespersons Col. Adam Hamud who referred to the allegations as baseless , irrelevant & unfounded utterances meant to tarnish the security related roles of the mission vowing that the mission’s aim is to ensure peaceful & secure transition devoid of Al-Shabab threats.

Col. Hamud in reference to the information said,

” I sincerely doubt if the maker of that statement is one of us. Our desire is to leave peaceful & stable Somalia with proper functioning Government institutions.