Somaliland: Civil Aviation Minister Dares Evacuate Landless Inhabiting Land Adjacent to Airport


minister of civil aviation Mohamud Hashi

Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somaliland)-The minister for civil aviation Hon. Mohamed Hashi Abdi has of lately cautioning the landless people living on the land adjacent to the south of Egal international airport with his unending threats culminating to deployment of troops to man the public land in a move to prepare displacing them from their dwellings.

The aviation minister has on several occasions threatened demolishing their structures if they do not move out of the land in a move meant to tightening the airport’s security. Elder Ahmed Abdi Said, one of the occupants of the said land vowed to move out calling for President Silanyo to intervene the minister who is fond of persistent threats of burning their structures by pouring petrol and then striking a match stick in their full view.

Mr. Hashi is said to have visited the land in the company of soldiers with complete riot regalia on Wednesday camping there over night & were still present at the time of going to press in the afternoon of Thursday.

Similar grievances were aired by another occupant Abdikadir Aggaweyne who countered the minister’s move warning ,

“Let Hashi make use of his threats and see if a single aircraft shall safely land in the airport!”

Raho Qaybdid, a single mother of 3 kids also joins in the fray over the minister’s latest move reasoning that the three successive Head of State who ruled the nation never dared to evacuate them from the controversial land despite their knowledge of the poor’s habitation therein.

These poor landless aborigines are now calling upon peace loving Somalilanders wherever they are to come to their rescue & intervene so as Mr. Hashi to rescind his controversial decision for the sake of quite enjoyment of national peace & stability.