Somaliland: Late Musician Tubeh to be accorded a National Funeral.


The late musician Mohamed Suleiman Tubeh

Osman A.M.


The Government will partly cater for the funeral expenses including the cost of transporting the body of the late musician Mohamed Suleiman Tubeh who passed away on Tuesday 11th March in Germany.

The deputy minister for information while briefing the media in Berbera hinted that the Government would respect the wishes of the deceased singer as stated in his will adding that prior arrangements have been made to give him a state sendoff. The deputy minister for information Hon. Abdiwahid Abdikadir Abdirahman delivered the Government’s plans in the presence of family & friends of the late musician and in the company of communal elders’ religious leaders and regional administrators stressing that the deceased musician hailed from Berbera and would be buried as his wishes.

The deputy minister said,

“Tough the late Tubeh was absent from the country for quite a long period, he had however maintained contact with his relatives & family in Berbera as is evidenced in his will and as a Government we shall offer a supporting hand to the bereaved family in fulfilling the wishes of the popular music artist of the period before the aftermath of the failed union with the south”.