Somaliland: Amin Arts Satires the New Government of SFG


And welcome back to your secure home in Hargeisa Ms Fozia Yusuf from the tribulations of under heavy guard and armored escort in Mogadishu.

SFG Gives birth to new cabinet at the very odd hours of past midnight

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Amin Arts as Usual has not been late in Extending his congratulations, ARTISTIC , to the new council of ministers appointed by new Somali Federal Government SFG Prime minister Abdiweli Sh Ahmed.

Conspicuously missing from new appointments that also saw only two members of the outgoing Shirdon cabinet reappointed is former foreign minister cum deputy Prime Minister Fozia Yusuf Haji Aden the fastidious strongwoman who can now breathe in peace and enjoy her life.

Since her appointment Fozia who is a native of Somaliland has not only lived under heavy guard and armored escort in Mogadishu but lashings from Somalis who accused her of being a spy sent by Hargeisa and Somalilanders who accused her of being a traitor to her homeland’s sovereignty.

As for her status in Somaliland which makes a citizen who joins the SFG in Mogadishu Persona non Granta Ms Fozia who joined the SFG after disillusions with the clipping of her political ambitions after her NDB political group was denied verification of registration should be given an automatic reprieve thence allow the nation her acquired political clout internationally.

During her entire difficult and life threatening tenure as FM and DPM minister of the internationally propped and largely corrupt SFG Ms Fozia Yusuf as opposed to others before her from Somaliland serving in Mogadishu never interfered with issues relating to her fatherland’s sovereignty or quest for international recognition.

In other words landers who do not victimize for any reason their women folk who are mothers, sisters and wives while several males (Names not named) who served Mogadishu have not only been pardoned but some, now serving, appointed to high public offices.

Meanwhile we are not dumb to the high level machinations from some very powerful quarters in Hargeisa that campaigned, in itself treason, for the SFG to dispose Fozia and appoint one of their own, now appointed, to the new cabinet.

Nimanyow, sidii ay caadadu ahaan jirtay “Dumarku tolka iyo qaranka mida ma matalaan”