Somaliland: ALMIS Electricity Group Praise and Emulate KAAH


Sheikh Aden Siiro Praised KAAH and Envissions a Future Merger with it

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun)-Afgal, Selp, Kaafi, NFS, SEERO, Cadceed, Sanyare, Elmi, Hass Power and Hargeisa Power Electric have joined in a seeming merger to form Almis Electric Company (ALEL).

In a major ceremony marking the affiliation for Almis, the new group chairman Mr. Mohamed Abdirahman Farah Sugal made it clear that it was the only way out to be able to make the electricity supply services optimal that the splints had to merge.

He said, “Given that each and every small electricity supplier wanted to give a good service but could not grasp with the huge mega-economics concerned, the decision to merge thereafter arose”.

He was thankful to God that “after several meetings amongst the stakeholders and seeing the facts, we are thankful that the dreams have at last been realized.” He stressed that this is the first time that the city has only two electricity supplying companies.

Indeed, to correct it, it is now two major private ones and the public one, Haregisa Electricity Agency.

There is KAAH group, a bigger and ultra- modern Company that saw a bit by bit merger of over twelve small companies over the past three to four years.

Sheikh Aden M. Hirey (Siiro) who happens to be proprietor of one of the small affiliated companies said that power lies in energy whereby the world competes for.

He elaborated on the fact that cheaper energy would not be available unless willpower, brains technology and material were brought together that such can be realized.

Sheikh Adan Zero hailed KAAH for making the pioneering lead in merging several companies to form a big one hence wished and hoped that Almis and Kaah would also merge to form a gigantic company.

The National Chamber of Commerce boss Mr. Mohammed H. Shukri-hulul praised the merger and aptly observed that as “pastoralists-oriented-culture, it has taken us a while to realize the indispensable need of forming corporations”.

Several dignitaries who graced the occasion or addressed the function had similar sentiments.

Amongst them were Energy Ministry Hussein Abdi Duale, Planning Minister Hon, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, former cabinet ministers Boobe Y. Duale and M.H. Elmi, and Commerce and Energy (MPW) directors Messrs. M.M. Awale and R.M. Ali respectively to mention but a few.