Somaliland:Nomadic Education, PYL Case Study: Ahmed Hassan Ahmed


Ahmed Hassan Ahmed

Somalilandsun – “This is camel,” says ten year old Ahmed Hassan in English. He is showing us his drawing of the animal and the word in English. This is what he learned in his last lesson at the nearby mobile school. He goes onto explain in Somali, “this animal is very important for us, it is our livelihood.”

Ahmed lives in a pastoral settlement with his parents and 4 other siblings in Jiingada, Sanaag region. He attends the recently established mobile school, an initiative piloted by Horn Relief in Sanaag region. “I go most days with my older brother. We’re really enjoying the Arabic and English classes.” The boys also learn mathematics and Somali language. His younger siblings are not of age to attend school but he hopes they get the opportunity to follow in his footsteps.

“Mum has never been to school and Dad reached secondary school but never finished. He always said if we had the chance to go to school we should finish. So when they heard of the new school they enrolled us immediately.”

Ahmed has had some schooling experience but nothing that has been sustainable. “There was a time that Dad sent me to a school in one of the nearby towns. It closed down after a few months. So I came back to the family where I could be useful. I am responsible for looking after our livestock.”

Education holds a firm place in Ahmed’s mind and heart. “When I finish school I want to be a teacher. I want to come back to these areas and teach other children who come from the same circumstances. I know how difficult it can be to find teachers who will stay in these distant areas. Parents also need to support education for their children. That’s how I got my chance.”

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