Somaliland: First Lady hands over ambulance to Sallahley Hospital


The First Lady Waving the Keys of the Ambulance as She Hands it Over

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA-(Somalilandsun):-The First Lady Amina Sheikh Mohammed Jirde handed over an ambulance vehicle to Sallahley Hospital donated by the UAE Red Crescent Society.

At the same time the First Lady distributed a lorry load of foodstuff and beddings to the needy in the area.

She also gave 3000 USD donated by the Head of State to cater for the necessitities of the pupils in the Sallahley boarding school.

She extended the humanitarian gestures while accompanied by the Information, National Gudance and Heritage Minister Hon. Abdillahi M. Dahir U’kuse, Education Hon. Zamzam Aden, State Minister in the office of the President Hon. Sahardid and Deputy Health Minister Hon. Nimo Qawdan.

Hon. U’kuse profusely thanked the Gaaroodi Development Committee for having maintained and sustained the Sallahley Boarding School for the past thirteen years.

The Ambulance handed over at Salahley by the somaliland first lady Amina Weris

He noted that the committee’s welfare was indispensable hence he would rather they continue their wonderful assistance.

He announced that the Minister of Education would disburse to Gaaroodi the amount needed for the boarding’s basic necessities for the months of this December and coming January.

Hon. U’kuse disclosed that the grant has been courtesy of the President’s personal philanthropy.

In expressing the President’s special love for Salahley, the minister noted that whenever he (the President) or the First Lady visited the area, they never came empty handed to the area; thus the token of eminence and esteemed culture of humanity.

A Salahley Community leader (R) welcomes information minister Ukuse (L) to address the First lady function in Salahley

Noting that Sallahley was a part of the larger SL which deserved equal treatment with any other place, he praised the efforts of developmental aspects that have surfaced in the district.

He reminded the audience that the Minister of Presidency whose portfolio included roads was just a day earlier (Monday the 16th Dec) at Qool-adey hence has already disbursed the amount of money that the State had pledged to support in constructing the Hargeisa/ Sallahley highway.

On her part, the First Lady recalled that it was the fifth time that she had visited Sallahley and that had always felt honoured in her visits.

other Somaliland First lady Amina Weris donations to Salahley residents

“I always come while duty bound whether as in a working tour or making a rapport with the area community”, she said, and added, “It has always been an honour” .

She paid an exceptional honour to the lady fraternity who sojourned from the area.

The female members of the community whether in the country or abroad have been well documented as to have made a lot of fundraising for the road hence have been at the forefront in many aspects of progress in the district.

The foodstuff and nourishment biscuits was mainly meant for toddlers and suckling mothers in the area.

L-R Somaliland Education minister Zamzam Abdi and Deputy Health minister Nimo Qawdan address the Salahley function in which First lady Amina Weris donated an ambulance

Hon. Zamzam noted that her ministry was well catered for in the area hence the education coordinator was fully mobile.

She noted that the Gaaroodi group took apt care of the boarders in the school despite the fact that they have also exerted much focus on health and infrastructure issues in the recent times.

A young Salahley resident re4ceives a presidential hug from Somaliland first lady amina Weris