Somaliland: Alasow Duo of Local Partner Journalists in Mogadishu


Somaliland journalists Terra and Bakayle in Mogadishu to serve Alasow

Somaliland sun- More and more young, wet-behind-the-ears, hardly literate boys, hitherto camouflaging as fledgling media practitioners in Somaliland have come out of the woods in full view of everybody as media-blackmailer and multi-agent Alasow and Somalia spies.

The use of local journalists as the anti-Somaliland tools of Alasow are now overt following the dispatch of a duo of namely Mo Bakayle ( and Abdirizaq Terra ( to the Somali capital Mogadishu for participation in discussion pertaining to forthcoming elections in the war torn country slated for 2016.

Purportedly regional representatives from North Somalia, read Somaliland, and courtesy of their master Terrorist Journalist Dahir Alasow the two local scribes based in Hargeisa , were sent tickets, wayfare bills and identical, tight-fitting, blue two-piece suits to, specifically, promote a one-Somalia.

According to an Alasow watcher the duo joins other to propagate on behalf of Somaliland a united Somalia ruling an innumerable number of satellite states one of which is the proposed Makhir Coast State to sweep the whole of present-day day Sanaag of the Republic of Somaliland into its fold.

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