Somaliland: UCID Candidate for VP Resigns, Accuses Eng Warabe


As trio of former Kulmiye party Heavyweights with a kitty of $4m buys into the opposition party leadership machinery
Abdirahman Mahmud Aided Solteco regins VP candidature and UCID party membership in support of Embattled presidential candidate Jamal Ali Hussein

By: Yumoha Pasha
Somalilandsun –The opposition party of UCID is in a state of disarray being orchestrated by high ranking officials.

This was stated by the party’s hitherto candidate for office of Somaliland Vice president Abdirashid Hassan Matan during a press briefing in Hargeisa where he also announced resignation as VP Candidate as well as party member.

“Due to an impossible climate within our party UCID I hereby inform that I have resigned as its Vice president candidate and my membership as well” stated Abdirahman Mahmud while revealing that his decision emanate from internal wrangling in the party.

Pointing a finger at the party Chairman Eng Feisal Ali Warabe for what he termed as covert machinations to dethrone Jamal Ali Hasan as the party’s presidential flag bearer in elections slated for March 2017, the soft spoken Matan said the refusal by Warabe to stick to agreements which is tantamount to killing the party.

Jamal Ali Hussein and UCID leader Eng Feisal Ali Warabe at loggerheadsSaid he, ” The failure by Feisal Ali to steadfast with the agreed candidate for the Somaliland presidency Jamal Ali is not to be accepted and if not rechecked might lead to collapse of UCID which is viewed as the future of the country.

In the recent past rumours were rife in the local media alleging that Eng Feisal Ali Warabe is reviewing the position of Jamal Ali as the party flag bearer in 2017 elections despite the huge sums of former Citibank manager paid for the honour

Now that the trio of former Kulmiye functionaries and senor government ministers who resigned recently namely Hirsi Haji Ali, Mohamed Behi Younis and Abdiaziz Samale officially joining UCID with their huge pockets and hunger for top office then the fate of youthful Jamal Ali Hussein is surely sealed.

According to Matan, Eng Warabe who contested the Somaliland presidency twice and lost had an opportunity to rule from behind the scenes through support of his youthful candidate but his, Wearable’s, unprincipled tactics that see him sway from one political stand to another has prevailed thence a lose to the country and its citizens.

Stating that he joined politics in order to help uplifting citizen’s living standards and assist in securing international recognition the fallacy unfolding in the party makes it UCID his not preferred vehicle for such.

A H Matan“I inform my supporters and Somalilanders at large that despite my resignation I shall continue my political activities in another forum” said former UCID VP candidate and member Abdirashid Hassan Matan

According to Somalilandsun sources yet to be confirmed the trio of Hirsi, Behi and Samale have pledge $4million to help revamp the party a synonym for buying into its presidential and vice presidential slots in Somaliland elections slated for 28th March 2017

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