Somaliland: A man Accused of Human Rights Abuses Appointed Mogadishu Police Force Commissioner


Rows of rejuvenated khat plants destroyed by Gen Farah in Gabile Somaliland

Somalilandsun – A man who was accused of being behind killings, torture, robbery and rape in Somaliland in 1988, during a government suppression campaign against Isaaq dissidents is now serving as Somalia’s Police Force Commissioner.
General Mohammed Hassan Ismail Farah is wanted by Canada on charges of allegedly having committed war crimes and crimes against humanity against students and civilians from self-declared Somaliland state that is internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia (then called North of Somalia).
Gen. Farah, who is former Director of the National Security Agency of Siad Barre’s regime brutally, targeted residents from Gabile, about 54 kilometers west of Hargeisa, in pretext of fighting against government ban narcotic drug of “Khat” black-marketers.

Gen. Farah Assorted
The General that had lived in Canada as a legitimate refugee after the fall of the authoritarian regime of Siad Barre ,escaped from Canada after CBS news had aired his background, witnesses ,and victims complaining about what he had done to them and their fellow Somalilanders,of course brutally interrogating them. In a video-youtube dated Oct 7, 1992, Farah denied any wrong doing to any Somali person during his Somali national service.
Somalia’s Prime Minister AbdiWeli Mohammed Ali recently appointed Gen. Farah as a new Somali Police Force Commissioner which rise on speculation of government’s commitment about human rights issues and lack of accountability. Reporting by Dahir Alasow from Netherlands and Editing by Ahmed Abdi from Yemen


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