Somaliland: A Brit’s Appreciation of A People


Somalilandsun – 4 of us have just returned from Somaliland to the UK, and I would like to take advantage of the popularity of the Somaliland Sun to say a huge thank you to the Somalilanders for the kindness and hospitality we experienced.

The purpose of our small group was to see the sites of archaeological and cultural interest, such as Las Geel, Amoud, Zeila, Berbera and Sheikh, so we travelled fairly extensively within the western half of your country. We had of course noted the unhelpful travel advice issued by our own bureaucrats, but we expected to be safe, and of course we were: but what we did not expect was the extent of the kindness and helpfulness we met with, wherever we went. We found it very moving that, in the midst of the huge task of rebuilding a country from the awful events of the recent past, the Somalilanders still found time to extend their good will to strangers. Your countrymen took time to talk with us, advise us on our routes, offer us tea and places to sit and rest, and above all the warmth of a truly great tradition of hospitality. We will be returning to see more of your historic sites, and we will tell everyone we talk with back here in the UK that Somaliland is not only a safe and beautiful destination for cultural tourism, but also a most generous and welcoming one.

With all best wishes,

Antonia Willis
Tregarden, St Mabyn, Cornwall PL30 3AY, UK