Somaliland: Chaotic Reckless Media Only Worsens Situations



Somalilandsun – For the “umpteenth time” is a clause we have phrased severally to depict the numerous times we have decried a situation in this column; particularly concerning press and local media issues.

This time round, there may as well be no need to use the clause, chiefly because it is more dismaying than it may serve the purpose, for the tones repeated so much, yet still unfathomed.

It is yet another time that we see yet another refute, denial or countering of a malicious, un-authenticated, false, un-corroborated, un-verified, assumption, libelous or rumour-mongering (all quite damaging) contents in articles that are recklessly published in both electronic and print media.

The rate of the recurrence of such items has more than tripled in the past three months or so. The naked, blunt and impish manner whose concocted, cobbled or woven items are put together is a far cry of careful spins of/with diplomatic and ethical means expected.

Perhaps the culture of impunity in our local press is more and more taking root because of the assuming (or un-assuming?) attitude of the supposedly affected parties.

In this case, if only the belligerents who claim that articles have been aired or published to their detriment could only take steps, then the media would have had a wakeup call.

But, alas, the naive embracing culture of the whole misdemeanor has only helped to ebb our standards of journalism to the chagrin of the members of the public.

Going through local websites would only make hearts sink even when just briefly glanced.

More often than not, many wanna-be journalists have only capitalized on the chaotic situation to effectively aggravate number of variety of issues to cause despondency amongst otherwise harmonious and peaceful friends communities or general members of the public.

The intended (or un-intended) damages and visualized (or un-visualized) repercussions to the detriment of the affected are sparked in the name of sensationalism devoid and inept prolificacy.

Such decadence within the majority of our local media fraternity hence abetted by the public has reached overstretched heights, which truly can not be really tolerated.

At the rate we are going, we believe sooner rather than later, no perceiver can take our media seriously any more. Passionate and sincere calls, if we may, is hereby sounded to all stake holders-thus the information department, journalist associations, media owners, media group associations, concerned NGO, the legislature, and all concerned to seriously take note and call the issues to order.

Simply leaving the consumers as judges only aggravates issues.