Somaliland: NCRF Applauds Tripartite Agreement by Political Parties


Press Release

Somalilandsun – We, the National Consultations and Rectification Forum along with our affiliated partners such as the Intellectuals Forum, warmly welcome the accord that have been reached between Somaliland’s three national parties in which they agreed to broadly hold the proposed National Dialogue Convention.

We likewise heartily endorse and appreciate the heroic decision made by the Peace and Conflict Resolution Academy to facilitate the Convention.

Furthermore, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Somaliland’s Civil Societies, Women’s and Youth Associations, Intellectuals Forum, Independent Parliamentarians, Independent Press and the public at large both within and outside the country all of whom have invaluably contributed to the efforts that made the above accord possible.

In conclusion, while we would encourage all concerned to continue their commendable work towards a fully fruitful National Dialogue Convention, it is this Forum’s deep belief that the inadequacies in our Constitution and laws should be one of the primary issues to be comprehensively addressed at the Convention.

Praise Be To Allah

Hassan Gure Jama


National Consultations and Rectification Forum