Somaliland: 39th Anniversary of Djibouti’s Independence Day Commemorated In Hargeisa


Somaliland leaders at the Djibouti function in Hargeisa

By: Omar Mohamed Farah
Somalilandsun—At a well organized Somalilanders joined their Djiboutian compatriots resident in Hargeisa for festivities marking the Neighbouring country’s 39th Anniversary of Independence.
Leading the Somaliland citizens was the chairman of ruling KULMIYE party and presidential candidate Muse Bihi Abdi in celebrating the commemoration to f the day Djibouti took its independence from French government in 1977.
Others in the high level team of Somaliland officials at the function held at Mansoor hotel included foreign Minister Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, the chief justice Dr. Adan Hajji Ali, former Minister of foreign affairs Mrs. Edna Aden and the chairman of justice and welfare party UCID Eng. Feisal Ali Wara’be.
This ceremony has been orchestrated by the Djiboutian diplomatic mission to Somaliland resident in the capital Hargeisa Ambassador Hussein Omar Kawaliye and Djiboutians resident in Somaliland who came out in large numbers to celebrate their country’s 39th Independence Day.
Damp of SL and djSpeaking at the occasion chairman of KULMIYE party, Muse Bihi Abdi, felicitated the Djiboutian people for their independence day and stated that they underwent their statehood after a long and terrible struggle.
The chairman described that Somaliland and Djibouti have had long standing bilateral ties, which is based at brotherly cooperation which is to be strengthened regularly.
On the other hand the speaker of house of representatives and WADDANI opposition party leader Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi Aka (Irro) have sent felicitation message to the the president and Djiboutian nationals on the occasion of their auspices 39th anniversary of their independence which is commemorated annually on the 27th of June

Presidents Silanyo of Somalilamd and Guelle of Djibouti at a past meeting Though Djibouti has forces under the command of AMISOM supporting the Somalia Federal Government fight against the Al-shabaab led insurgency its Government maintains long standing relations with Somaliland.

The two countries have very lucrative trade and apt diplomatic relations while Djibouti is among countries where the passport of the unrecognized Somaliland is a valid travel document not to mention that massive cross-border movement is a regular occupancy at the common border town of Lowya’ado to the west of Hargeisa.