Somaliland: 20 IOM Sponsored Students Graduate from Amoud University


IOM sponsored Students display their certificates during graduation at Amoud University

BORAME (Somalilandsun) – – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has awarded 20 students who graduated from Amud University in Borama on 20th November 2014. The training has took place within 7 months that the students have completed Internship program pertaining how the graduated students for inspiration in the local creativity.

The aim of the training was related to the Somaliland youth for instance to enable job creation and protection of the joblessness as well as the migration. The training was told that it is the pilot project implemented by IOM as well as funded by Japan Community

The attendances were members from IOM, the General Manager for the Ministry of Planning, Deputy Regional Governor for Awdal, Borama Mayor, senior from Amud University, parents, the graduated students, reporters and other communities.

Meanwhile, the speakers of the floor firstly welcomed to Mr. Liban Mohamud Issa who is the member of the IOM senior staff actually thanked the entire different participants. For instance, he pointed out briefly the history of this project regarding the basic humanitarian services. “we vehemently happy with this certification ceremony for 20 students those who graduated last year from Amoud University and later on after seven months of their training program has comprehensively took place”. He said. The venue of the training was actually held in different places such as the government venues and other private areas in Borama town.

“It is remarkable that the IOM regularly takes an action to protect our teenagers from illegal migration (Tahriib) in which the program was a pilot that the first time was started in Borama and Burao, and in Borama we have selected 20 students due to their graduation scores from Amoud University. The students were also trained the easiest way of getting and creating a job apart from migration after their graduations” he added “we have comprehensively verification tonight that 50% of the trained students have actually employed and hopefully wish the other 50% of the students will recently get a permanent job, and we are ensure that the project is useful and is in need” he added.

Finally Mr. Liban explained more about the efforts they have offered the students and the benefits of the trained students “tonight we would like to certify that the students are completed the internship program evaluation, but before handing over the certificates I have to thank to officials from the government organizations, IOM and the people who supported us” Mr. Liban said

The chairman of the Amoud University Prof. Suleiman Ahmed Guleid who thanked the organization (IOM) for their efforts towards the job trainings to the University students also emphasized the needs of the employment of the students either by the government or the private sectors.

Said he, “The government has a responsibility recruitment of the youth and the students, at the same time we in position for their educational training skills”

According to the prioritizing their recruitment “the government must prioritize the university students apart from the Diasporas, and I am uppermost promoting the youth and the students as well you should trust your country mother and stop glancing the foreign countries” the chairman said.

On the other side, some students were spoke about the ceremony that they however thanked the IOM that they have understood the aim of the training due to the period of the teaching that they have taken an experience towards job creativities such as the local organizations and the government as well. At the mean time, the students requested the IOM to support the next generations from the universities for such trainings.

In regard of the ceremony the Borma Mayor Cllr. Saleban Hassan Haddi has given a useful speech that he pointed out that the students have made a tangible financial management at the Borama local government during the period of their trainings. In accordance to their trained skills, the Mayor said “we have been previously recruiting illiterate people at the local government but now and later we will select the skilled students”

The Mayor vehemently emphasized that they have recruited two students apart from the trained students and comprehensively cheerful such the new qualified people.

The Borama deputy regional governor Hon. Abdi Nour Sugaal speaking about the ceremony “We firstly thank to the IOM for their efforts to our students and we have in fact seen the benefits but we really appeal to the other organization to train the our university graduated students” he said

Consequently, the DG of the Ministry of Planning Mr. Abdirashid Ahmed Sumal speaking to the participants said “This training can be felt how it is helpful for job creation as well as motivating the youth and the students in the country that we thank to the IOM and in terms of the government should be planned such trainings for the future” he concluded.