Somaliland: Extension of Presidential Term Beyond 2015 Possible


L-R Interior minister Waranade King Buurmadow and Eng Feisal foretell extension of presidential term beyond 2015

By: Osman A.M.

Somalilandsun – King Osman Aw Mohamud (Burmadaw) a think tank member of National Party of Somaliland, the leader of official opposition & head of Justice & Development Party Mr. Feisal Ali Warabe and interior minister Mr. Ali Waran-Ade have each one speaking on different occasion this week revealed that next presidential elections may be postponed beyond June 2015-the expected time of holding the elections.

King Burmadow while addressing a gathering during a ceremony held in favor of Suldan Madar Mohamed Dualle in the presence of his party’s boss Mr. Abdirahman Irro revealed that plans are under way to extend President Silanyo’s term so as give his regime amble time to prepare & conduct presidential elections. King Osman hinted to his boss if that happens,

“Lets us allow the incumbent president the extra period because you (Irro) are still young & I am certain that National party would carry the day were presidential elections held today”.

Leader of opposition & head of Justice and Develment Mr. Feisal Ali Warabe while addressing a function of awarding journalists with various awards also hinted at the possibility of forming a coalition Government comprising the 3 national political parties if presidential elections are extended for whatever reasons that may be sought.

Mr. Feisal posed, “If the Government seeks elongating the presidential term, we as opposition should turn down the offer but if worse comes and the offer is granted then a coalition Government with representation from the 3 national political parties be composed to allow transiting the country towards holding a peaceful free & fair presidential elections”.

The above two leaders are from the oppositions & it can be asserted that they are privy to some information if their utterances are anything to go by.

On the other hand interior minister Mr. Ali Waran-Adde has cleared the air on the matter by voicing the Government stand and collaborated the opposition’s speculations on the subject. The interior minister whose docket civil & electoral registration falls under, revealed that the Government & opposition unanimously resolved that no presidential elections would be held without agreeing on the modalities of the said registration.

Mr. Waran-Adde while cautioning journalists against partisan reporting in their news coverage disclosed that civil & electoral registration has hit a snag after donor communities’ reluctance to funding the exercise. The minister asked for pressmen support in enlightening the citizens on the importance of registering. Donor communities especially Western nations funded the previous electoral registration that both the Government & oppositions agreed to have expired and need for a new registration data.

Viewed from whichever perspective the three utterances of leaders representing the 3 political parties bringing both the Government & opposition to concur on the possibilities of extending the election period beyond June 2015 to allow civil & electoral registration taking place.