Somaliland: AG Refutes Knowledge of Ploy to Extend Presidential Term Limits


AG Suleiman Eidle

By: Osman A.A

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Attorney General (AG) Mr. Ibrahim Iidle Suleiman has refuted and rubbished media reports appearing on some press to the effect that he has been consulted over the elongation of presidential term which is due mid next year.

It was alleged that his counsel on extending presidential term by two more years was sought by President Silanyo’s regime.

Mr. Iidle, the chief legal advisor of the state has denied allegations appearing in some press to the effect that the minister for presidency Mr. Hersi Ali Hassan & President Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo met him over the extension subject by seeking his legal advice on the possibility of asking the house of Elders (upper house) to extend two more years to Silanyo’s rule. The upper house of Elders is constitutionally mandated with questions regarding extension of presidential limits.

The AG when asked about the alleged meeting taking place, Mr. Iidle responded, “sincerely speaking I am not privy to such meeting & if it ever took place then I was not a party in that joint; I have not met the president on that subject”

The AG directed anyone with queries on the subject to seek advice from the National Electoral Commission (NEC) that is constitutionally mandated with among others preparation & holding of presidential, parliamentary & local Government elections in accordance with established statute. The AG reasoned that NEC announces the date of presidential & other elections.

Mr. Iidle also disclosed that executive members consults him over wide range of matters especially on the legality/constitutionality of introducing Government bills in parliament, amending statutes, reviewing laws & is not concerned with electoral matters.