Somaliland: 20 Die In Renewed Sool Region Clan Clashes , Kulmiye Party Castigates Puntland


Somalilandsun- Somalilandsun- Renewed clashes between the Qayaad and Baharsame subclans in Dhumey location in South of Sool Region have claimed 20 lives and 82 Injuries.
According to our sources the skirmishes started in the afternoon of Wednesday 5th Sept 2017 after an elderly man from the Qayaad subclans was killed in Dharkaein-Geenyo village.
Since then the Somaliland government and regional traditional leaders are on the ground engaged in quelling the bloodbath with subsequent intent of ultimate reconciliation.
In a statement the Somaliland interior minister Mohamed Kahin urged the dueling sub-clans to cease hostilities and resolve their differences peacefully, while reiterating that it was the onerous task by all Citizens to maintain peaceful co-existence.
The minister’s reaction to the clashes ensued with the deployment of security forces to both the centers of Dhumey and Dharkein-Geenyo which are the flash points.
Traditional leaders currently stationed in the Sool Regional capital of Las Anod where they are engaged in mediation efforts confirmed the deaths as per Saturday to be 20 while those injured number 82.
This is not the first time for the two sub-clans of the main Dhulbahante clan of Sool region to engage in deadly clashes.
Queried on why the renewed fighting now, since the two sub-clans have been reconciled through mediation efforts by the government of Somaliland and regional traditional leaders, our source said “though reconciled with agreements being all cessation of hostilities and animosities, the killing of the elderly man is directly responsible”
Prior to the new clashes over 40 people from the two warring sub-clans lost their lives while many others were injured during deadly skirmishes of 2016 that only ceased after intervention by Somaliland government and traditional leaders from the region.
To jumpstart that reconciliation a 20 Member committee was selected and sworn with subsequent negotiations ending with agreement by the two clans to immediately cease hostilities, compensate each other for those killed with blood money paid in camels as well as establish regular peace meetings.
For over a year this arrangement seems to have held steadily thence the much touted security in the region which is synonymous with regular killings and assassinations.

In the meantime the Somaliland ruling Kulmiye party has upon urging caution among residents of Sool Region went on to castigate the Somalia regional administrative region of Puntland for for being behind the clashes.
The Kulmiye rejoinder was issued by the chairman of the party’s central committee Jama Shabeel during a press briefing in Hargeisa.
“Those dying in the clashes are Somaliland citizens and it beats all if Puntland believes this country does not care” Said the politician in reaction to a statement issued by some members of the Puntland regional parliament in which they claimed that the Somaliland authorities were behind the ongoing clan war.
Throwing back the mantle of inflaming the skirmishes to Puntland, the Kulmiye party senior functionary warned that continued interference in issues Somaliland by the Somalia regional administrative region may result in dire consequences.
Puntland has been very visible in matters revolving around insecurity in Sool Region Following the forceful removal of its forces from Tukaraq district by Somaliland army a few months back.