Somaliland: Geel USAID is a good project, But Unfair in Fishing Sector


Somalilandsun- Commenting on the press release by GEEL Somalia project published by under the title GEEL Somalia Project Hosted Access to Finance for Somaliland Businesswomen, A Formula for Success our reader Awaare to Salahley wrote

Geel USAID is a good project However in the fishing part of the GEEL USAID project I have credible information which is also easily verifiable that Somaliland’s share of Coldstorages(for fish) was corruptly stolen or diverted to Somalia(Mogadishu/Galmudug/Puntland).

Out of 17 cold storages for fish that GEEL USAID awarded or built on the Somali coast line Somaliland received ZERO ( 0 ). The entire 17 cold storages were built in Somalia(Puntland Mogadishu Galmudug). I understand great pressure and even threats from Somalia were put on GEEL USAID to go along with this blatant injustice and crime against Somaliland.

Besides this crime in the fishing part of the GEEL USAID programme one can otherwise conclude that it has been a great progamme for Somaliland otherwise and we thank USAID and GEEL for their magnificent work. (Just wish Somaliland had at-least received 8 of the cold storages, in the name of justice and fairness).


Usaid Geel is on twitter and one can look up its activities there. They also publish a magazine which one can find the link to on usaid geel twitter account. Type in geel somali on twitter and it will lead to Usaid Geel’s twitter account
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We would appreciate any information ascertaining the issues raised herein.


  1. Look up the facebook page of Usaid GEEL and scroll down on the facebook page until you reach the date: 15 August.


    Click there and you will find all the information.