Somaliland: VP Saudi visit heralds new chapter in SL aspiration


Somalilandsun- The VP H.E. Abdirahm Abdillahi Ismael Sayli’i and a delegation he led jetted back into the country at the end of the week after several weeks of pilgrimage cum a heralded official tour in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It definitely ushers in a new chapter in the country’s aspirations given the kingdom’s formidable stature in global economy and politics.

The VP who was hilariously welcomed at Egal International Airport had just arrived from trip politically billed as the most triumphantic to Somaliland as far as the Holy land is concerned having been amongst eleven Heads of State or governmentsfrom around the world to be invited and received by the Saudi head monarch in Mecca as per protocol.

The other leaders were also in that country for their pilgrimage.

“We were registered as Somalilanders”, said the VP owing to the fact that the KSA has always politically handled Somalilanders as Somalis from the Federal Republic of Somalia.

“Apart from performing our individual pilgrimage religious duties, I met senior officials from the Kingdom while in pursuit of pending issues that the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi had communicated earlier (to the Kingdom),” said the VP.

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Led by Vice President Abdirahman Ismail ‘Sayli’ Somaliland delegation poses with officials from the Jeddah Chamber of commerce and Industry after meeting in Jeddah

He noted that the monarchy, both King Salman bin Abdiaziz and the Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salmaan bin Abdiaziz advicedSL to maintain the solidarity that has kept the country as a unit for the past three decades.

He thanked the Saudi leadership for having accorded Somaliland the noteworthy reception hence honour the country’s stature as an entity as to accept its passport.

The VP said that they met the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and they agreed upon the resumption of normal exportation of SL livestock to the area.

He pointed out that they likewise met several Saudi entrepreneurs who have interest in dealing with SL.

Member of Somaliland VP Abdirahman Sayli led delegation to Saudi Arabia and Opposition politician Mohamed Duur Arale briefs press at Egal Airport Hargeisa

The VP was accompanied by the minister of Assemblies Coordination and constitutional Affairs Hon Mohamed HajiAdan, the deputy minister of information Hon Musa Abees and former minister of Interior M.D. Arrale.

The Saudis further accorded the Somalilanders with a private monarch plane to ferry the VP and his delegation back to the country.

By M.A. Egge