Somaliland: 18th Session of Parliament to Open on Saturday


SL ParliamentBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – All the 82 members of the house of the Representatives have been asked to attend next parliament Saturday.

In a letter circulated to all the MP’s and media houses, by the Clerk of the House of Representatives members were informed that the 18th session of the August House will commence at 9.30 am on Saturday the 10th/6/2012.

The clerk who informed that the notice applies to all the members both in the country and those abroad, also urged the Honourable members to ensure that there are prompt.

The clerk’s circular told the MP’s that owing to important business to be conducted during the 18th session it is imperative that they all be present.

Among the Honourable members whose adherence to the call for attendance is in doubt is Hon Abdirahman Irro, speaker of the house of representative and leader of the newly registered WADANI political party. Hon Irro is in Europe with his last known location being Finland where he is a citizen