Somalia: Major Telecom Firm Accused of Acting as Al-Shabaab’s Messenger


Hormuud Telecom


andsun -A man that was behind Villa Somalia’s attack on February 22, told the investigators that he was pressured to collaborate and facilitate the terror group to enter the heavily-fortified Somali Presidential Palace compound, through the gate with a car bomb by Hormuud Telecom Somalia inc. (HORTEL).
Mr. Muhyaddin, who was arrested by the Security forces told the investigators very important information regarding the relationship between Hormuud Telecom.
Somali National TV (SNTV) aired an interview ,and then uploaded it to its Youtube account ,but why it was deleted few hours later is a story in itself.
Hormuud Telecom bribed SNTV directors with a large sum of money to ensure the sensitive account to be deleted because the firm’s managers did not want the account to be seen by anti-terrorism Networks, reporters of the SNTV said.
Hormuud Telecom offered the Perpetrator, Muhyaddin, EVC plus service to deposit as many as six thousand U.S dollars cash ,which is violating the law that says it is limited to three hundred dollars.
Muhyaddin has been working the firm for 10 years and he will be brought in front of the court by end of this week. Hassan also said that the firm has a defense line by bribing any one that may challenge her.
It is reported that the firm hires only known individuals to her since most of its employees are well-trained hardliners from remnants of Al-Itihad Al-Islamiya.