Somalia: Jubaland Delegation Visits Galkayo


By: HornportalMadoobe in Puntland

Somalilandsun – Jubbaland regional presidency claimant Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe Saturday (July 6th) led a delegation to Puntland for the first time since he laid claim to his current title.

Madobe, who is the leader of the Ras Kamboni militia, was welcomed by Puntland regional President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole.

The Jubbaland delegation visited the people who were airlifted to Galkayo after being wounded in fighting in Kismayo earlier this month as followers of Madobe clashed with followers of other claimants to the Jubbaland presidency.

The Somali federal government has continuously rejected Madobe’s claim to the presidency. Also last week, the government accused the Kenyan contingent of the African Union Mission in Somalia of not remaining neutral in the clashes and supporting Madobe.