Somaliland: Choosing Bilateral Dialogue to End Communal Conflict in the Region


Two state only option

Republished after review and updating by the author

In an article titled ” Time for the International Community to Accept Two State Solutions “Mohamed A. Mohamud (Barawaani) an independent Researcher and Horn African analyst argues that the on-going talks with Somalia in Turkey should concentrate dialogue on the recognition of somaliland thus end communal conflict in the Horn region.

The author who concludes that Somaliland cannot be forced into a reunion with Somalia on the basis of shared language, religion and culture urges that the following points be the basis of the international sanctioned talks currently in their fourth phase in Turkey between Somaliland and Somalia.

1. International acknowledgement that British Somaliland and Italian Somalia were two independent nations before they fateful union of 1960.

2. Reparation of

SL Som two different countries

assets accrued during the thirty years of unitary state.

3. Both countrie

s to contribute to international Debts of the collapsed Somali Democratic Republic up to 18th may 1991.

4. Somalia must

acknowledge the Somaliland passport in order to increase security information sharing, social and political interactions

5. Denunciation by the Somalia government of the genocide acts committed and share responsibility for action against perpetrator


6. Acknowledge that the will and aspiration of the people of Somaliland is legitimate and respectable at all levels of the process of the talks

7. Encourage international community both diplomatic activities, security and economic investments to deal with Somaliland as fully functional state separate from Somalia.

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