Somalia: Is Kenya a Liberator or Occupier? The Kismayo Conundrum


Somalilandsun – In a commentary titled “Kenya Needs a Comprehensive Exit Plan from Somalia.” Abulahi Boru Halakhe argues that the blowback of Kenya’s October 2011 intervention in Somalia has been evident and the only beneficiary of the current situation is al-Shabaab. Kenya needs a comprehensive exit plan from Somalia.

Does Kenya Have an Exit Plan from Somalia?

Halakhe who is a Horn of Africa analyst further contends that If Kenya ever needed any reason to outline their exit plan it is now because the window when it, Kenya, was regarded as liberator has long closed, and with it the tremendous goodwill of the Somalis thus Continued indefinite stay and interference in the internal politics, will make the AMISOM mission in Somalia, which was billed as Africa’s solution to Africa’s problem, look like an occupation.

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