Somalia: Ordnance Laden Plane Crash Lands in Mogadishu


By: Yusuf M HasanClouds of smoke engulf the airport

Somalilandsun: The Aden Ade airport was totally darken by smoke following a fatal plane crash that saw four people die and a score injured 8 a.m. today-Friday and remains closed.

Reports indicate that the airport closure came after an Ethiopian military plane whose cargo is suspected to have been weaponry crash landed and burst into flames killing four of its six crew members while two others were rescued unhurt.

While the Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs is yet to make an official statement, security officials on the ground say the cargo plane was laden with military ordnance thus the burst of flames on impact and subsequent dark plumes of smoke that darkened the entire airport perimeter and nearby areas.

The Ethiopians ferrying weapons to Somalia is not strange considering that it has a large force in parts of Somalia helping the African Union and Somali Federal Government Troops onslaught on the Islamist Al-shabaab an Al-Qaida linked group who not only control sizeable chunks of the country but continue to engage the amassed international army in deadly combat.

Though Al-shabaab is known to have shot at planes in the past it is yet to claim responsibility for today’s fatal crash.