Somalia is invading Somaliland


Somalilandsun-Since Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was nominated as President of Somalia, he could not rest from conspiracies against Republic of Somaliland in different forms including diplomatic and finally full-scale war.
Farmajo spends a lot of the public money on media propaganda against Somaliland like social media. He beckons the politicians, businessmen, students and different tribe chiefs (known Traitors in Somaliland) to come to Mogadishu to use against Somaliland.

Somaliland colonial boundaries

He appoints the traitors in his cabinet, in an attempt to misguide the international community over having support in Somaliland and there are people who don’t support Somaliland independence. He even sponsored militia to disturb the recent presidential elections in Somaliland, mainly in the far east of Somaliland.
The militia troubled voting process by attacking voting centers, stealing ballot boxes and threatened election stuff. The Somaliland National Military Forces chased them away and tightened the grip across far east of Somaliland. The election completed successfully and won praise from international election observers.
The President of Somalia Farmajo who was a member of Siyad Barre regime who committed crimes against humanity in Somaliland (1978 – 1991) including ethnic cleansing, displacement and widespread bombing and killing, violated terms of the agreements between Somaliland and Somalia over airspace management of former Somali Republic.
He unilaterally declared control of the airspace without discussing with Somaliland and ICAO. He installed dummy equipment with help of Italian Mafia in Mogadishu Airport, as part of his illegal claim over control of the airspace.
Furthermore, and due to the silence of the international community over all provocations and hostilities against Somaliland, Farmajo dared to send a minister in his cabinet (a traitor) into Somaliland territory. This is the first time in the history that Somalia President sent a member of his cabinet (traitor) to enter Somaliland territory for incitement. The traitor met members of the local community in the remote areas and encouraged them to take up arms against their own government, Somaliland.
During visit of Farmajo in North-East regions of Somalia known Puntland that borders Somaliland, Farmajo instructed military buildup at the border with Somaliland including many tribal militia who later infiltrated into Somaliland territory. Somaliland army chased the militia and took over the control of TUKO-RAQ village, which fall into the hands of the militia. The militia went back into save heavens in Somalia’s region of Puntland.
First hand reports say, that more pro-Farmajo militia are gathering in order to retaliate. This hostility has direct link with recent visit of Farmajo to Puntland.

President Musa Behi pays tribute to Somaliland Armed Forces on its 24th Anniversary

Disingenuously, Farmajo is trying to tell the international community that the conflict is between Somaliland and Puntland but reality is that Mogadishu regime is financing, equipping and mentoring such militia against Somaliland’s democracy and good governance.
Farmajo is supporting the war against Somaliland on the bases of tribe, claiming that majority of the inhabitant of Somaliland’s far east regions belong to Darood tribe, in which Farmajo belongs too.
This is serious claims because there are also Darood kinsmen in Ethiopia and Kenya. The question lingering in mind is, will the Farmajo’s tribe based land-expansion campaign extend into Ethiopia and Kenya like 1963 and 1977.
Farmajo is losing his mind over constant uplift of Somaliland in good governance, democracy and human rights, while his country is falling into starvation, war, terrorism and poor social services.

Farmajo team in Mogadishu is against recent peace agreement between Somailland and KHAATUMO led by Pro. Khalif Galydh and Faysal Ali Wareeb. The agreement was successful and all disagreement settled.

Somaliland used its homegrown peace-making technique to end the difference with KHAATUMO. Today Pro. Galydh, KHAATUMO Leader, is in Hargeisa to further solidify the agreement. The international community welcome the agreement.

The self-styled region of Puntland, Somalia, relocated its forces from the mountainous region of Galgala, which they were fighting Al-Shabab group, to border with Somaliland. This will give Al-Shabab good time to regroup due to failed policy of Farmajo against Somaliland.

Farmajo believes to overpower Somaliland militarily just like his mentor Siyad Barre, which violates the agreement between Somaliland and Somalia under patronage of the international agreement, AU and EU. The agreement states that Somalia and Somaliland should maintain peaceful coexistence and avoid any statement that could trigger rift.

President Farmajo of Somalia -L- is received by Puntland presodent Gas in Garowe. Photo by garoweonline

International community and regional government like Ethiopia should know that Mogadishu regime will be sole responsible of any war in the region, because Somaliland is within its 1960 border, while Somalia militia is infiltrating into Somaliland.

By\ Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi


  1. Farmajo. a warmonger, is not only beating the drums of war but is poised for war and bracing for war with peaceful, demoratic and politically stable Somaliland. He has amassed troops and heavy weaponry in puntland region of Somalia with a view to attacking Somaliland. The international community should hold Farmajo responsible for any outbreak of war between Somaliland and Somalia.

  2. Farmajo is not smart leader. He is not yet accepted by the hawiyees. How can he even dare to face Somaliland. There is a saying in Somali that says the ghost collected woods and could not carry the first bunch, instead of reducing he added more. Sleepless nights at the state house of Mogadisho causes him to think wrongly. Let him first rule beyond the compound of the state house of Mogadisho. Advice to Somaliland what are u waiting for let’s see the motion for Somaliland independence is tabled at UN National Assemble the soonest.

  3. Farmaajo is the butcher of Mogadishu. Since he took office there have been one explosion after the next and it culminated with the huge one killing 500 people.

    Farmaajo need to resign before all of Mogadishu is wiped out due to his incompetence and empty bragging which has no teeth.

  4. Hassan Yussuf
    The Republic of Somaliland is poised to teach aggressor Farmajo a more severer lesson than the one it taught his uncle the late Somalia dictator Said Barre – should he continue with his acts of provocations and aggressions against democratic Somaliland. Farmajo is the cause of the clashes between Somaliland and Puntland’s region of Somalia. Farmajo’s rule is limited to Villa Somalia and he’s more or less a captive there – how can he dare provoke Somaliland yet huge chunks of Somalia are Alshabab territory ? Shame on aggressor Farmajo. If he doesn’t cease his futile hostilities and provocations towards Somaliland, Somaliland will soon overrun him, overwhelm him and vanquish him.Let him not attempt the crimes his late uncle dictator Mohammed Said Barre had committed against Somaliland. It will be too costly for him and it will consume him.I call upon the international community to punish Farmajo for violating the UN arms embargo slapped on Somalia by shipping contraband arms cashes planned to be used provocatively and aggressively against peaceful Somaliland.

  5. Somaliland is the exact opposite of Somalia. Somaliland is politically stable while Somalia is totally anarchic, rife with civil strife and terror stricken. Somaliland is a leading democracy in Africa where as Somalia is very far from reaching the threshold of one-man-one-vote.Somaliland president Musa Bibi is directly elected by the people while Somalia president is nominated/