Somaliland: Gang Violence Threatens Hargeisa Security


Somalilandsun- I would like to enlighten the increasing gangs in Hargiesa city, the worsening of the Security and it is impact on the people living in the city.

Generally, Gang violence is a major problem in the world. It equally affects and puts in danger in the lives of many people living both economically developed and developing countries. It is far and widely recognized as a big threat to the global, national and local security. In societies most people feel safe and do not have a sense of urgency that something appalling will transpire around them. Although these people may hear the surplus of current events going on around the world and the gang violence is major social problem in most poor nations and developing countries.

In our level, when we compare the gang rate of Hargeisa city at the moment and around a millennium before, the rate increased unexpectedly that have resulted a shocking results from property robbery to costing the lifes of many victims by the hands of the Gangsters’ in Hargiesa and other regions of Somaliland by either force raid towards people walking in dim lighted streets of the cities or by fighting with each other due to an angry raised from sharing of theft properties mainly lab tops, mobile phones and money.

Moreover, the male dominated gang groups are mainly between the ages of 14 to 20 according to a research that Social Work students have carried out in two main districts in Hargeisa, Mohamud Haybe and Koodbur District respectively. Similarly, most gangs are drop out teens that left school in Secondary level. Our research have also enlightened the biggest reasons that members join up gang groups are to get Identity within their peer group or society and Unemployment. Figure below illustrates the ages of the gangs



Most importantly, let me jot down some of the worst consequences of gang violence. Firstly, Gang groups take the properties of the people forcefully usually Cell phones, Laptops and Money. Secondly, they group themselves and takes bribe from the local shops and business centers which they threaten if any of those business owners rejects their will. Thirdly, this occurrence is very popular in all areas of Hargeisa, the gangs fight each other through football teams which is the very basic building block that Gangs is generated and scarcity of playgrounds are the fueling factor of the class between youth football teams. When they are fighting together, they hurt themselves due to the usage of dangerous sharpen long knife (Baangad)  and other harmful tools causes a life time injuries and even death more often.

In fact, above mentioned are the causes and backsides of the gang violence in Hargeisa city but the government of Somaliland seems to be inattentive on the aspirations of the gangs because if we evaluate the past incidents and future it seems nightmare as their root will deepen until organized to weapons where their tacking would be unbearable. Hence, I do believe the intention of keeping on eagle eye to this matter and making use of this below recommendation will be benefited by all of us if government and mandated institutions address and consider as valuable.

Most importantly, gang violence can be illuminated or reduced its uprising significances by improving Police interventions on gang acts and developing new strategies to avoid the exceeding evil acts of gangs for example through community level intervention.  Also building new police stations in most dangerous gang sites in the City. In contrast, there is a shortage of police station in Somaliland where reintegration of this youth seems impossible. In addition, we can also build a well-maintained rehabilitation centers that are kept in the Gang members in order to change their attitude and returned back to adjust the community. Another worthy idea of reducing  gang violence in Hargiesa City is to build a playgrounds for the Youth that will make them busy and feel enjoyment rather than having a very much spare time that lead them to take this wrong bath. Holding seasonal sports events and champions are really alternatives for restoring hope of these youth. Creating job opportunities for the freshly graduators is a way of encouraging others to keep on their route of educational journey complexion. So, they believe their future is bright and education is a tool for attaining your dreamed life. Hence, number of drop outs will be less because currently they see no hope in education.

To cut the long story short, Gang violence is becoming one of the uprising social problems that is facing not only in Hargiesa city but rather other Somaliland main cities such as Burao and Borama  as well. Thus, we need all of us to be aware of this unexpected social challenge and collaborate with authorities for alleviating or at least minimizing the costs of gang violence where the gang’s cases have increased even in day lights. That will make Hargiesa a safer, enjoyable and entertaining city that all Somaliland visitors feel saved and secured in their precious breath and property.


. Yahye Mohamed Abdi (Xanas)

Mr. Yahye Mohamed Abdi (Xanas)


Tell: +252 63 4772121

Master Candidate of Peace and Conflict studies, Community Development advocate, Columnist and freelancer journalist.


  1. Normally teenagers are process of change from one end to another and needs a good lead which is the parent, community, environment surrounding them and the government – social service ministry. Recreations centres and job creations invented by the labour exchange programme can make them change. Another thing that needs to be done is elders to focus on the culture and core values rather than being in political erenas. Politicians not to use the youth for there interest. Most importantly is the police and primary courts to take stain measures on those who violet the peace. Somaliland is the dump for Somali origins of Europe “dhaqaancelis)” as well. What is the government policy on that is a question to look at.