Somalia: “Ideological Differences within Alshabaab Led to My Defection” Says Mukhtar Robow


Defected Alshabaab commander Mukhtar Robow Says He Wants to Help Somalia regain peace

Somalilandsun- “After differences on the religious ideology and many things about the way Al-Shabaab sees the country and the people, I have decided to leave the group.”
This was informed by former Alshabaab deputy Commander Mukhtar Robow during a short press briefing in Mogadishu, the first since he surrendered to Somalia government authorities a few days ago.
Robow also known as Abu Mansur also revealed that talks are ongoing with the federal government officials in Mogadishu where he hopes for successful conclusion leading to peace in the war torn country

As he thanked local authorities and international partners who made his defection and surrender to the government possible, Abu Mansur also denounced the violent Al-Shabaab is perpetrating in the country, while calling upon groups fighters to follow suit thence join him in his new quest for peace in Somalia.
Though we are yet to to any connection, the surrender of Mukhtar Robow Ali from the militant group battling government forces for control of Somalia, comes a short while after the US removed him from its Reward for Justice list which put five million dollars bounty on his head.

Mukhtar Robow Ali Press Briefing