Somalia: Farole Flops Presidential Candidate Assassination


Yeey unhurt

By: Yusuf M Hasan

GAROWE (Somalilandsun) – A Puntland presidential Candidate Abdi Dahir Mohamed Yusuf ‘Yeey’ has narrowly escaped an attempt on his life.

The attempt of the life of aspirant Yeey that left several of his top aides nursing injuries occurred in Garowe town where uniformed officers driving a presidential security guard vehicle sprayed machine gun bullets on the car convey of Yeey.

According to Abdi Dahir Mohamed Yusuf ‘Yeey ‘who is contesting the Somalia regional administration of Puntland presidency, the attempt on his life which took place in Broad daylight in the middle a busy street in Garowe the region’s capital city.

Said he, “On my from a campaign strategy meeting with other presidential candidates in Garowe, my convoy was sprayed with bullets by a presidential security team whose car drove away immediately” Mr. Yeey informed during a press conference in which he also revealed that a number of his aides who received injuries are receiving medical attention.

The presidential elections in Puntland which are the first pit many aspirants against strongman Abdirahman Farole who has ruled the region with an iron grip since taking power a couple of years back.

Saying that he is 100% sure of the specific identity of the presidential guards that fired at his convoy and caused grievous harm to his aides Mr. Yeey added that he will not rest until a full and satisfactory explanation is given by among others president Farole.