Somaliland: Hargeisa Radio Gets Ultra-Modern SNS Technology


Information Minister Ukuse C awards a Radio Hargeisa his certificate as senior ministry officials look on

By M.A Egge

HARGEISA-(Somalilandsun): Radio Hargeisa which has just had its broadcasting, archiving and dissemination techniques ultra-modernized is expected to see all major regional capitals get its FM releighing stations.

The announcement was made in a pledge by Hon. Abdilahi Mohammed Dahir Ukuse who witnessed the graduation of the radio’s technical staffs who were inducted hence appraised with the new international standardized Network Sharing System.

The Information, National Guidance and Heritage Minister expressed the sentiments in his office whereby he was flanked by his DG. Mr. Abdirashid Jibril Yonis, the HR director Mr. Said Egge and the Engineering department Chief Mr. Suleiman amongst other radio senior departmental heads.

A newly skilled Radio Hargeisa Engineer at work

The minister said that the upgrading and modernization of the information department was going on as planned in well phased stages. He said that he wanted to see the station become a formidable one in the region now that they have all the capacities needed for an international caliber.

He said that the Quran radio was established hence opened at one of the regions and that Radio Hargeisa itself will soon see its FM stations opened in all the major towns of the republic.

The minister gave certificates to the staff who managed to succeed in grasping with the new system of sharing network technology.

The system would thus remove the former means of real-taping; it also modernizes the archiving system as a whole.