Self –Style King Sentenced to Five Years Imprisonment for Propagating Ant-Somaliland Agenda


Somalilandsun: Traditional chieftain and self-style king Osman Aw Mohammud Burmadow has being sentenced to five years imprisonment a Marodijeeh regional court. The traditional elder was accused for undermining Somaliland sovereignty.

 The presiding judge found King Osman guilty without reasonable doubt that while with others not in court at Armo village in Puntland administered region of Somalia he uttered words that undermined Somaliland aspiration to self rule.

After the sentencing the King was immediately whisked away by Somaliland Custodial Corps to start his prison term.

The government of Somaliland felt let down by the king’s open interferences in matters that do not concern him. King Burmadow recently participated in a traditional Somali coronation ceremony, whereby he called on the government of Somaliland to withdraw her military personnel stationed at the border with Puntland.


  1. Somaliland clans traditionally and historically had either a Suldaan, a Garaad or an Ugaas, this title of King is foreign to Somalilanders historically and culturally and was only heard in regards to foreign lands such as the king of Abysinnia and the kings of Arabia.. In Somaliland we do not have a king as we are an egalitarian society.

    Eitherway the Somaliland Judiciary have with this sentence sent a strong message far and wide that Somaliland is a nation of laws and those laws will be upheld, neither clan nor clan chieftains are above the law and in either case clan chieftains should stick to clan matters and stay out of political affairs(as political parties now represent the populace and not their clan bloodline). I congratulate the third branch of the Somaliland Government(the Judiciary) or in Somali (Garsoorka).

    Perhaps Buurmadow and Naema will get a presidential pardon a while after they served some time (and that is ok with most Somalilanders) but they MUST serve some time. The Horn of Africa is a dangerous neighboorhood and Somaliland must be a nation of laws and orderliness, this sentence was about foreign policy of the state not being the domain of a clan chieftain but the democraticaly elected government of the land.

    We the true Somalilanders choose the Republic of Somaliland and the Somaliland constitution(dastuurka) before our clansman if our clansman is in violation of the constitution.

    Somaliland ha noolato.