Somaliland: Vice-President inaugurates Somaliland Returnee Refugees Resettlement Project


Somalilandsun: The vice president H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael (Sayli’i) launched a
resettled project for Somaliland nationals in the Diasporas who have no
legal status in their countries of residence or those wishing to
voluntarily return to their motherland. This is according to news reaching
Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) from the presidential press services.The event organized by the International Organization of Immigration (IOM)was presided by the deputy president and flanked by the assistant ministerof national planning and development Mr.Hussein Ibrahim Buuni, chairman ofSomaliland Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees (SIDPR) Mr.Abdikarim
Ahmed Mohammed (Hinnif),IOM top officials and the immigration staff.

The VP was the first to take the podium he highlighted the benefit of this
project to Somaliland refugees in Europe and other countries who do not
have the opportunity in those countries and wish to return home to start a
new life.

“This project will help Somaliland nationals suffering in other countries
and refugees from other countries in Somaliland who wish to repatriate to
their home countries. The project is being funded by EU and will be
implemented by IOM.”

Vice President Sayli’i went on to say “We had discussed this issue with
the international organizations and some European countries our objective
was to see that the refugees return to their countries without being
pressurized and in their own volition. There were some who wanted to return
home but lacked the capacity while other are refugees who want to be
repatriated to their countries. I think this project will be beneficial to
all and is welcome.”

The assistant minister of planning and national development said “My
ministry is the architect of this project these refugees have been divided
into two categories. The first are those who had fled the country during
the civil war and wish to return home and the second group are those who
migrated through Italy and other European countries but could not adapt to
life in those countries hence want to come back to Somaliland.”

Also speaking at the venue was a top IOM official whose name was given as
Mr. Anders and the SIDPR chairman a Mr.Hinnif.