Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) Handover Five Modern Vehicles to Somaliland Police Services


Somalilandsun: The British government through the FCO has handed over five modern vehicles to Somaliland Police Services. According to Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) reporters at police headquarters the brand new Toyota land cruiser and pickup trucks keys were handed to the police commissioner.

The handover ceremony was attended by minister of internal security Mr. Mohammed Kahin Ahmed, police commissioner Brigadier General Abdillahi Fadal Iman while the FCO was represented by Mr.Philip.

Speaking at the meeting an official from Axiom International which implemented the project on behalf of FCO confirmed that the vehicles are from the latest model 2017 and come fully equipped with latest communication and security gadgets. The two land cruisers have been reinforced to withstand riots and are to be used by the ant-terrorist police while the three hard top Toyota pickups will help improve law and order in Somaliland.

A Mr. Philip from the FCO had this to said “Good Morning Mr. Minister I’m very pleased to be here today to handover three public order vehicles and two for counter terrorism police unit. This is a tangible representation of the UK support for Somaliland Police but that support is quite wide-ranging from funding the new police headquarters that you see behind me to the proposed police academy here in Hargeisa the UK is providing a wide ranging support to Somaliland Police.”

The commissioner of police thanked the UK government for their support for Somaliland police he stated “The UK government has been very supportive to Somaliland police they had afore time given us vehicles and today they are here again helping us. The minister of interior has been instrumental in liaising with them. These vehicles are different from those the UK government had given us previously these new ones are equipped with state of the art gadgets.”

The minister of internal security thanked the UK government for her support to Somaliland Police by funding many development projects he asked Mr. Philip from the FCO to continue to supporting Somaliland police.