Replicating the Somaliland State-Building Script to Fix States Gone Wrong


Somaliland sun – Despite the millions in cash, time and expertise utililized The lengthily search for a fix to the states gone wrong in the world like Iraq, Somalia, Libya and Afghanostan etc remain elusive.

Accordng to Rebecca Richards this is because the pursuit of what has “Gone Wrong” in these states, draws attention from discerning what has gone ‘right’ in non-interventionist statebuilding projects within ‘unrecognised’ states

In, “Understanding Statebuilding: Traditional Governance and the Modern State in Somaliland” the author writes

Quote – “examining this model in more depth a more successful model of statebuilding emerges in which the end goal of modern democracy and good governance are more likely to be realized.

Indeed ‘states-within-states’ such as Somaliland where external intervention in the statebuilding process is largely absent can provide vital new lessons.

Somaliland is a functioning democratic political entity in northwestern Somalia which declared its independence from the troubled south in 1991 and then embarked on an ambitious project to create a democratic government and successful state in the post-conflict environment.

The leaders and the people of Somaliland have since succeeded not only in maintaining peace and stability, but also in building the institutions of government and the foundations for democracy that have led to a succession of elections, peaceful transfers of power and a consolidation of democratization.

The resulting state of Somaliland is widely hailed as a beacon of success within a politically turbulent region and provides a useful framework for successful statebuilding projects throughout the world.

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