Somaliland: Sahra Halgan Salutes Her Motherland and Adopted Country of France, Musically


By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somaliland sun – Even after returning home to Somaliland Artist Sahra Halgan remains fond of her adopted country France.

Though she has been busily engaged initial with establishing Xido Dhawr-Cultural Centre and now management of her unique cultural entertainment hotspot in Hargeisa the artists found time enough to produce her latest 12 track album Faransiskaiyo Somaliland.

The Tracks List: in the Faransiskaiyo Somaliland Album are

01. Dagal (3:29)
02. Hobaa Layoow Heedhe (3:58)
03. Anigoo An Diidayn (3:12)
04. Guntana (2:36)
05. Matis (3:58)
06. Anigoo Yaroo (3:26)
07. Qaarami (2:10)
08. Naftaydaay Raali Noqo (2:57)
09. Somaliland (4:03)
10. Alah Inu Ku Dhawro (3:29)
11. Botor (2:37)

Click to chip in and enjoy the vocals of Sahra Halgan in – Faransiskiyo Somaliland (2015

Part view of the culturally luxurious Hido Dhawr centre opened by Sahra Halgan in Hargeisa somaliland Copyright © 2015 Somalilandsun, All rights reserved.