Somaliland: ARC Recognizes Dahabshiil as a Changemaker within Refugee Communities


{jcomments off}The Dahabshiil CEO Abdirashid Duale receives his companys refugee communities changemaker award from an ARC official in Minnesota

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

Somaliland sun – The Dahabshiil operations in the Horn of Africa especially among refugee communities are not only commercially oriented but help dire livelihoods as well.

This acknowledgment was accorded the locally owned company during a function organized by the American Refugee Committee-ARC in Minnesota –USA.

At the ball party attended by over 1000 guests among them US Senator Keith Ellison, Global Business Concerns executives and the Somalia envoy to the US among others, ARC awarded Dahabshiil a certificate of recognition.

Speaking to Mohamed Haji Hussein of BBC Somali service after the function the Dahabshiil CEO Abdirashid Duale said the award signaled the international recognition of his company’s service to humanity.

“Apart from the pride in being among the three entities to have their special performance within refugee communities recognized, this award is also a morale booster for both our staff and management” said Mr. Duale

While informing that the glow of pride could not be disguised the Dahabshiil boss revealed that his company was the only one from the Horn of Africa at the podium thence a further international acknowledgement that Somali speakers are hard workers and beneficial to the wider community.

On issues related to ARC singling Dahabshiil operations within refugee communities Abdirashid Duale revealed that the international recognition emanates from Money transfer, and Banking service provision as well as easing access to Communications in both rural and urban areas of all Somali speakers undertaken by Somtel, a company subsidiary.

“In addition to our operations that span 140 countries thus a link between the Diaspora and home the Dahabshiil group of companies is a major employer in the Horn of Africa not to mention our to reckon with corporate responsibility in which a chunk of our earnings are channeled back into local community beneficial activities and projects” said Abdirashid Duale.

While the regular Dahabshiil operations played a part in abetting the honour recent activities by the company and more so it’s CEO Abdirashid Duale in ensuring a free flow of remittances continues flowing unhindered was a major contributory factor.

Guests at the ARC Changemakers gala partyApart from Dahabshiil two American companies servicing in the IT and Banking sectors were also awarded at the At the annual ARC changemakers Gala held at the historic Depot in Minneapolis, Minnesota celebrating the charities ability to make change in the world!

Dahabshiil is the largest Africa-based money transfer business with agent locations and branches in 140 countries worldwide. For over 40 years it has provided a valuable lifeline to many in East Africa and the Horn of Africa and it remains committed to its original values of trust, reliability, integrity and customer-focus.

Abdirashid Duale has worked for Dahabshiil since his school days, helping his father Mohamed Said Duale develop a small Somali family business into an international firm operating in 140 countries. He rose through the company ranks to his current post of Chief executive officer and responsibilities for for Dahabshiil’s global operations.

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