Pirate Chief ‘Afweyne’ to Spent 20-years in a Belgium Prison



Somalilandsun – A former Somali Pirate chief Mohamed Abdi Hassan, aka ‘Afweyne’ or ‘Big Mouth’, has been charged with piracy for the first time, a charge which carries a 20 year prison sentence.

Afweyne is said to be behind a kidnapped vessel which a ransom was paid, according to the statement of the charges
The leader of the Somali pirate group, Afweyne, held a January press conference to declare his retirement from terrorizing the Indian Ocean as one of the Somalia’s most notorious pirates. A year after, the court adjourned to his long-term sentence in late September or in early October, 2014 reports Waagacusub Media.
The important evidence filed against ‘Big Mouth’ during his trial and judgment are among recorded phone calls and surveillance cameras conducted by people that met him from different record numbers.
Mr. ‘Big Mouth’ established a big business of his own from millions of dollars that he made from ransom payments and helped many teens to quit pursuing piracy as a carrier as well as founded an anti-piracy company.
Another man that was detained with him is Mohamed Adam Tiiceey, a former governor of the Somali region of Himan and Heeb, who is suspected in aiding Afweyne’s pirate organization that was not until now displayed any evidence against him, according to reliable sources.
Tiiceey, who is a Somali-born American citizen is accused of receiving a share, about 3 %, the ransom from the pirates in Galgadud and Mudug taken from the hijacked vessels crossing the East African coast.
Belgium is striving to stop commercial flight known as Central Airlines that carries Khat and other items to Adado town which is engaged by Afweyne and run by his own son, Abdulkader Afweyne.
According to Belgium law, Afweyne will serve a 10 year sentence in prison; however, Hawiye diaspora neither protested nor advocated for these two men to help, yet nobody is asking what he/she can do to help.