ONLF Press Release- Jigjiga Festival


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Somalilandsun – Committing Genocide against the Somali People in will not Legitimise the Fake Ethiopian Constitution nor Facilitate Oil Exploration in Ogaden.

For the last three months the Ethiopian regime has turned the Ogaden into large torture chamber, instructing its soldiers to terrorise the civilian people in Ogaden by extra-judicial killings, rampant rape and detention of thousands in order to prepare the so-called Nationalities celebration day, which is used as show case for to probe up its lame claim that the Ethiopian constitution is based on the will of the people.

The Truth of the matter is that neither the people of the Ogaden nor the Ethiopian people were ever given a chance to exercise their free will and democratic right through a referendum to accept or refuse the constitution. Instead, the regime, from the beginning of the constitution process up to today as is happening in Jigjiga today, used force, intimidation and outright deceit in order to delude the international community in its claim to democracy and representative rule.

In Jigjiga, more than ten thousand detainees are languishing in Jail Ogaden and the surrounding military garrisons, tortured, raped and killed on a daily basis. Trenches have surrounded the town and 16-hour curfew imposed which made the lives of the residence unbearable. Many roads in the town had been barricaded with stones and most businesses closed. While the regime is spending millions and thousands of dancers are brought from all over Ethiopia and inviting dignitaries and scrupulous business people, just half a kilometre away thousands are being tortured and languishing in dark cells!

Regardless of what crimes the Ethiopian regime commit against the Ogaden people, no amount of theatrics will stop the struggle of the Ogaden people and the Ethiopian people for democracy and quest for exercise of self-determination.

The panic and massive security deployment and callous scorched earth policy employed by the regime is a testament to the regimes failure to gain control of the Ogaden and loot the natural resources of its people. The Ogaden people will keep defending their rights and dignity and will not forgot those who support this heinous regime in its despicable projects in Ogaden.

Issued by ONLF