Somaliland: Jamal Ali Hussein and Diiwaanka Oohinta



By: Mukhtar Haji Ali

Somalilandsun – Jamal Ali Hussein who’s well known as a former comedian, songwriter, and now politician is currently writing a new book titled “Diiwaanka Oohinta” the political version of his comedy series. The inexperienced and novice politician has recently been complaining and whimpering about being treated unreasonably by the government.

Last week, UCID Chairman Faysal Ali Waraabe was denied of having a huge welcoming reception upon his arrival on the grounds of Hargeysa Intl Airport. Jamal Ali Hussein complained that this was injustice and unacceptable. Did he forget about Faysal’s ridiculous and disturbing interview with Abdisalam Hereri on Universal TV? Faysal went on a tirade accusing the government of nepotism, corruption and even treason. He swore to god that President Silanyo does not want Somaliland to be recognized and that he is leading the country towards federalism with Somalia. Is that an appropriate statement from a Chairman of a National party? Holding such reception and having special access to the airport is not a right, it’s a privilege and Faysal and Jamal lost that privilege because of their actions. This was the first chapter of Jamal and Diiwaanka Oohintaa.

Mr. Ali Hussein attempted to enter Gabiley right after President Silanyo held a presidential listening tour of the region. There were reports from the people of Gabiley claiming that UCID members told children to not attend school because his delegation was coming and told them to prepare for a rally. No notice was given to the Gabiley Administration of their arrival or plans. It was on reasonable grounds that the Gabiley Administration prevented the UCID delegation to enter the region.

Children should not be pulled from school to attend a political rally. Jamal, being the inexperienced politician that he is, failed to understand his mistake and cried that this is once again injustice and even drastically compared the government to the murderous regime of Siad Barre. Furthermore, through the mouth of Fadumo Siciid (finance secretary) he used the verbal catfight going on between her and Amina Maxamud Diriye of Kulmiye as an explanation why UCID wasn’t allowed into Gabiley. Funny isn’t it? This event is another emotional chapter of Jamal Ali Hussein and Diiwaanka Oohinta.

The question that everyone asks now is what’s next? He has promised to disrupt peace in Somaliland and hold illegal demonstrations. Will that work and will it help his case? Well I guess we’ll have to find out in the next chapter of Jamal Ali Hussein and Diiwaanka Oohinta.

God Bless Somaliland.

Mukhtar Haji Ali