Once Again the Chinese Go Ballistic Over Somaliland – Taiwan Diplomatic Ties

China goes ballistic over Somaliland -Taiwan Diplomatic Ties
Envoy of the People's Republic of China to Somalia Amb. Qin Jian

Somalilandsun: The Chinese government continues to fight against cooperation between the governments of Somaliland and Taiwan.

China, which believes Taiwan is part of mainland China, has said it will not allow it to lose a single inch of its territory.

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Mogadishu, Somalia Amb. Qin Jian, who recently visited Somaliland, posted a strong message on his Twitter account , a message to the governments of Somaliland and Taiwan.

Amb. Qin Jian also said that Taiwan was a territory established by China 71 years ago, so it could not give up at this time.

The ambassador said in a statement: “We are partnering with countries around the world to develop our economy. We can’t lose a little bit of mainland China. ”

“Taiwan has been part of China since ancient times,” he said. “71 years ago, China brought in 35 million people and a new China was established.”

Diplomatic tensions between China and Taiwan have escalated since February this year when Somaliland and Taiwan signed an agreement, as China believes Taiwan is part of its territory and no one can enter into an agreement with it.

The Chinese ambassador to Somalia, who arrived in Hargeisa, Somaliland earlier this month, said recent diplomatic efforts to persuade Somaliland to withdraw from the Taiwan Agreement and instead have good relations with China have failed.

Taiwan recently opened a diplomatic mission in Hargeisa, and immediately began issuing visas to Somaliland businessmen with Somaliland passports, in the meantime authorities in Hargeisa plan to officially open a diplomatic mission in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, next month.